Thursday, October 24, 2013

Interesting Poem for Pharmacy Students- Studying Pharmacy by Rita El Khoury

Studyin' pharmacy ain't easy, I've been told
By many people, some young and some old...
Well, let me tell you, I'm not a 'nerd'
So take off your lips this ugly word.

Pharmacy ain't as hard as you suppose
You just need a very curious nose,
A pair of working eyes, but one is enough
Two ears, coz with one you may find it tough,
A sportive tongue ready to pronounce
All the weird names, titles and nouns,
A bit of free space in your brains
And, for the hard days, some chains;
An ability to memorize a lot and a lot
Whether you actually understand or not,
The skill to never object or complain
When a teacher chooses not to explain,
A mouth that shuts up when you're told to,
One working hand, better if you got two,
The faculty of studying 20 pages per hour
The power to feel clean without a shower
And to stay awake without having slept too
(Because you might not find time to).

That's the indispensible equipment
You might thrown in, if you want,
Some scientifical knowledge and some intelligence.
Add to these opitonals a lot of patience
To manage busy secretaries, absent educators,
Curious patients and arrogant know-it-all doctors.

That's about it, but you could use
A pair of nice pants and trendy shoes.

This poem was written by Rita El Khoury from Beirut and first appeared on

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